Why Pearl Jewellery Makes for the Best Gifts

Since the beginning of time, pearls have always been mysterious, rare and precious. Popularly called the Queen of Gems, pearls stand apart from other gemstones. This is because they are the only gemstones to form naturally hundreds of feet under the sea, giving its rich aura of class and grace.
Pearl jewellery was only worn by the rich and royal in the medieval period. It was popular around the world in Europe, China and even in Egypt. They were considered precious gifts amongst various royal families and kingdoms and were used as a sign of love and respect. The pearl was considered the epitome of a gift from an ally, and many a king collected various types of pearls from their travels around the world. We may not be in those times anymore, but pearl jewellery is still one of the best options to gift someone to show them that they are cherished.
If the gift is for a romantic occasion, nothing says love and honour more than a classic earl pendant set with diamonds. You can even choose a pair of pearl drop earrings or a classic pearl choker necklace. Pearls have been gifted to brides over the years and can be the gift of love to be cherished by your partner forever.
The 30th marriage anniversary is known as the Pearl Anniversary, hence if you are looking to gift your partner something valuable, pearl jewellery is your best bet. Pearl cufflinks for men are a lovely romantic gift that exudes class and charm when worn.
Thanking your mother for putting up with you all these years is a must. Whether it is on Mother’s Day or her birthday, a classy pearl set with ear studs, a bracelet or necklace is something she will love. Pearls are more dignified and subtle than coloured gemstones and hence pearl jewellery is something she will adore and appreciate from you.
If you want to gift your best friend something to cherish your friendship, a pearl bracelet with a message in the middle is a lovely gift that shows how much you care for her. It is something she will remember always and be able to wear at several functions.
A jewelled watch, with embedded pearls is a lovely gift for a watch enthusiast.
Pearl jewellery is also a great gift to give when you aren’t sure of personal tastes. If it is for a good friend, or to thank someone at office, pearls are the best option as they are subtle unlike coloured gemstones. They can be worn on formal occasions, for a party or a day out. No matter who you gift them to, pearls are always loved and appreciated. Also, some people may have a preferred colour of gemstone they like to wear. Pearl jewellery like a bracelet, a brooch or earrings in pink or white pearls is a gift than will easily become a favourite given everyone’s personal style.
Another important reason to go with pearls is the fact that gemstones have astrological effects upon the wearer, and some gemstones have extremely negative effects on a person depending upon their birth chart. Pearls are positive and do not have any negative effects upon the wearer, hence pearl jewellery can be worn by anyone. In fact, when you gift someone pearl jewellery, you are gifting them peace of mind! The aura of a pearl is calming, and gifting someone pearl jewellery is an act of maintaining harmony in your relationship with that person.
No matter who you are looking to gift, pearl jewellery spells charm, elegance and is loved around the world by men and women. At Krishna Jewellers Pearls and Gems, we can help you select the ideal gift, whether for yourself or to someone else.